Business Immigration

Visiting the U.S. for Business

People around the world are interested in visiting the U.S. for a conference or conducting limited business activities during a short visit to the US. Because only certain types of work are permitted, our experience and expertise in business immigration is essential to your work.

Outstanding Researchers (O Visa or Permanent Resident Status)

Artists and Entertainers who have excelled in their field and are recognized as experts may qualify for an O visa and later a green card. The Law Office of Mark Shmueli has represented numerous artists in gaining permanent residency in the U.S.

Bringing Your Foreign Managers to the U.S. (L Visa or Permanent Resident Status)

Companies often need to move highly qualified employees of foreign affiliates to the U.S. We work to address this need quickly and professionally. A U.S. company that has a foreign branch, parent, subsidiary or affiliate may transfer employees from the related foreign entity to work as managers, executives, or in positions that require specialized knowledge of the related U.S. company. Because this is a complex and highly scrutinized area of immigration law, it is important for you to work with an attorney who is well-versed in Business Immigration.

Once we have established your eligibility, we will guide you through the necessary steps to obtain an L visa or permanent residency. We will ensure that your application is completed properly and assist you at every stage of the process. As your immigration attorneys, we will respond to any Requests for Evidence (RFEs) that are issued in your case. If an interview is required, we will accompany you to the interview and represent your interests.

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