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Mark Expresses Alarm at Draconian Surveillance Techniques Proposed by DHS

In this segment, Mark expresses his alarm at to the new DHS  rule which allows the government to pry much more deeply  into the private lives of immigrants and US citizens alike.   DHS issued this rule which to its Inspector General Report  which found that the pilot program regarding social media surveillance started in 2015 lacked criteria to measure its […]

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Mark Shmueli Goes Inside the Issues with Dr. Leon — Sirius XM — Central American Children Refugee Crisis

Thousands of Central American children are fleeing their homes and undertaking treacherous journeys through dangerous conditions.  Mark Shmueli and Wilmer Leon delve into the reasons behind the child refugee crisis in the United States. Below are a few key snippets of the conversation.  Links to the complete interview at the bottom of the post. — […]

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Mark Shmueli Wins Requests for Parole in Place for two Military Spouses Before USCIS Provides Formalized Guidance

On Nov. 15, 2013, USCIS issued guidance expressly authorizing that military spouses who have entered the United States without inspection may be paroled in place in the United States.  When Mark successfully filed his first parole in place request in 2010, his was among the very first cases granted in the Baltimore District Office.  Rather […]

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Part 1 of Mark Shmueli’s Two-Part Series on Immigration Reform

In discussing the social conditions surrounding the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1881, the 1924 quota law,  the McCarren-Walter Act of 1952, the 1950 Internal Security Act, and the 1965 immigration act, Mark provides a historical context for immigration reforms of the past 150 years and puts today’s immigration reform movement in perspective. Click on the […]

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Mark Shmueli wins Motion to Reopen for a Young Military Spouse who was Ordered Removed in 2005

The Law Offices of Mark Shmueli, along with DHS counsel, filed a Joint Motion to Reopen the proceedings before the BIA, in order to seek termination of the proceedings and vacate the client’s removal order. With substantial help from the USCIS Ombudsman’s office, in part to clarify whether jurisdiction to adjudicate parole-in-place applications for those […]

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Immigration Law after the Death of DOMA — Equality for Same-Sex Marriages!

Mark J. Shmueli and Tina R. Goel recently co-authored a chapter, “Same-Sex Marriage and Family-Based Immigration Law” in Family-Based Immigration Law:  A Lawyer’s Guide (July 2013), published by the D.C. Bar Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Program. The chapter provides a history of immigration law and policy towards same-sex marriage including an analysis of the U.S. […]

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Mark Shmueli and Tina Goel win Asylum for Haitian Political Activist by Successfully Arguing Key Legal issue of Firm Resettlement

On June 11, 2013, the Baltimore Immigration Court approved our client’s asylum application after a multi-part hearing. Government attorneys argued that our client had “firmly resettled” in Mexico prior to applying for asylum in the United States. Specifically, they alleged that the Mexican government had provided our client a path to permanent residency after it […]

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Mark Shmueli wins cancellation of removal case for detained Croatian national

In a hard fought case in which we initially found our client in jail under mandatory detention, we ultimaltely convinced the immigration judge to grant our client cancellation of removal despite three serious criminal convictions.   We worked diligently to enlist many neighbors, including the head of the Baltimore City mounted police and a Maryland State […]

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