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Mark Expresses Alarm at Draconian Surveillance Techniques Proposed by DHS

In this segment, Mark expresses his alarm at to the new DHS  rule which allows the government to pry much more deeply  into the private lives of immigrants and US citizens alike.   DHS issued this rule which to its Inspector General Report  which found that the pilot program regarding social media surveillance started in 2015 lacked criteria to measure its […]

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New Maryland Driver’s License Rules Effective Jan. 2014, Summarized by the AILA-DC MD Legislative Committee

In the attached summary, Mark Shmueli & Christina Wilkes (of Grossman Law LLC) summarize the requirements for Maryland driver’s licenses and highlight the key steps required for the new federally non-compliant license.  In order to apply for the federally non-compliant license or identification card, you must file two years of state income taxes and comply […]

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Mark & Tina’s Immigration Update in The Federal Lawyer on Options for Same Sex Couples

In this article we analyze the post DOMA landscape as it pertains to  immigrants and their families after the Supreme Court’s decision in United States v. Windsor  This decision resulted in marriage equality for federal benefits and obligations as it rendered a federal ban on providing benefits to same sex couples a violation of equal […]

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Mark Shmueli Wins Requests for Parole in Place for two Military Spouses Before USCIS Provides Formalized Guidance

On Nov. 15, 2013, USCIS issued guidance expressly authorizing that military spouses who have entered the United States without inspection may be paroled in place in the United States.  When Mark successfully filed his first parole in place request in 2010, his was among the very first cases granted in the Baltimore District Office.  Rather […]

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Part 2 of Mark Shmueli’s two part series on immigration reform

In this article Mark describes the recent events which have led to the powerful call for progressive and meaningful immigration reform along with a discussion of the recently passed  Senate Bill 744. Read the full article below. Cite as: Mark Shmueli, Mending the Fences? Meaningful and Just Immigration Reform Before Congress, Maryland Bar Bulletin (Sept.. […]

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Part 1 of Mark Shmueli’s Two-Part Series on Immigration Reform

In discussing the social conditions surrounding the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1881, the 1924 quota law,  the McCarren-Walter Act of 1952, the 1950 Internal Security Act, and the 1965 immigration act, Mark provides a historical context for immigration reforms of the past 150 years and puts today’s immigration reform movement in perspective. Click on the […]

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Immigration Law after the Death of DOMA — Equality for Same-Sex Marriages!

Mark J. Shmueli and Tina R. Goel recently co-authored a chapter, “Same-Sex Marriage and Family-Based Immigration Law” in Family-Based Immigration Law:  A Lawyer’s Guide (July 2013), published by the D.C. Bar Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Program. The chapter provides a history of immigration law and policy towards same-sex marriage including an analysis of the U.S. […]

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