Deportation and Removal

Avoiding Deportation or Removal From the U.S.

You may have heard rumors that immigrants in your area have been deported. Perhaps immigration agents have even threatened you with deportation. Anytime you are concerned about deportation or removal, it is important to seek an experienced lawyer’s help.

You should know how the law applies to your situation. Many clients come to us with valid concerns. You could legally be removed from the U.S. if you:

  • Enter the U.S. without documents or permission,
  • Overstay your visa,
  • Are convicted of certain crimes on a visa or green card,
  • Lose an application for asylum,
  • Have a student visa but are not taking classes,
  • Have an employment visa but quit your job, or
  • Are considered to be out of status.

This does not mean that you will be deported. We will explain all of your options for fighting deportation as well as other avenues of relief you may have. For example, we may be able to obtain a waiver, file for cancellation of removal, expedite a family immigration petition, seek asylum, or obtain permanent legal residency through the immigration courts.

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