Mark Shmueli Wins Requests for Parole in Place for two Military Spouses Before USCIS Provides Formalized Guidance

On Nov. 15, 2013, USCIS issued guidance expressly authorizing that military spouses who have entered the United States without inspection may be paroled in place in the United States.  When Mark successfully filed his first parole in place request in 2010, his was among the very first cases granted in the Baltimore District Office.  Rather than facing years of separation and working within a backlogged immigration system, which would have driven her back to Mexico, our client was able to remain with and support her husband as he served our country.

In the past, military families were faced with a situation where some offices did not grant parole in place and others refused to grant green cards based upon valid grants of parole in place.  The offices making these decisions often argued that a grant of parole in place was not considered “inspected and admitted or paroled” as required by INA § 245, and thus the grant of parole in place did not remove the ground of inadmissibility that arose after the person entered without inspection, under INA § 212 .

Besides his own cases, Mark has worked very closely with AILA’s Military Assistance Program to develop strategies and place parole in place pro bono cases nationwide.  As our office represents a variety of military families and understands the incredible sacrifice that they undergo in order to serve, we celebrate this decision which will certainly assist in the happiness, stability, and security of our military families.

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